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From Attention to Zoned-Out: An A – Z of Copywriting.

Copywriting is a craft. Every Copywriter who loves writing copy knows this. Whilst everyone seems to think they are a copywriter (“It’s just words, right?"), a good Copywriter understands just how much more there is to the craft of copywriting than may be immediately obvious.

In this blog post series I will explore many of the things to consider, debate and incorporate into effective copywriting – be it for business or charity.

Easy as 1,2,3.

Why ABC? Well harking back to my days working in advertising sales, we were always told by our suspiciously-cheery and slightly over-bearing managers “Remember your ABC! Always Be Closing!” and essentially that is what a Copywriter is always trying to do: close the sale. After all, copywriting is, as advertising, “salesmanship in print” - a term first coined by the advertising and copy legend John E. Kennedy in 1904.

To be honest I thought of way more things than could be represented by the wonderful 26 letters of the alphabet. For many of the letters I had multiple entries. However in the interests of continuity, content strategy and structure – I’m sticking to the ABC because like good copy, it’s concise, straight-forward and easily understood. (That and I can’t give away all my crafting secrets, now can I?)

First up:

A is for...

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