#Copylove : The Chocolate Tasting Club

May 1, 2014

From time to time, I come across copy that I love, be it short or long.


Recently, in the form of a gift, I found some great copy on the side of a box of Munch and Nibbles from The Chocolate Tasting Club, Hotel Chocolat.


Not only do their Munch and Nibble chocolate-covered almonds taste amazing (and like Pringles' 'Once you pop you can't stop', I couldn't stop munching and nibbling) they had a great example of copy on the side of the box.


I particularly love the use of the word 'enrobed'. To me it conjurs up images of extravagence, luxury and hidden jewels waiting to be discovered. A treat to which spoil myself with, something special. The use of such a decadent word, teamed with the punch of 'munch' - which is everyday, blunt and real - is a great copy combination that works.


All this is bang on what they were aiming for, with high-end, quality chocolate delights inside. Great tone-of-voice.

Tags: Copywriter, Job, Communication, Communicate, Audience, Copy, Advertising, Marketing

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