One size does not fit all : Consider your medium

January 24, 2017


Whilst doing a spot of late night shopping, I spotted this.


Email who? Where? What?


Oh, I can’t be bothered….carry on shopping. Moment lost.


The key information in this copy has been obliterated by doors. Doors! Double doors at that! How you are supposed to get in touch now I am not quite sure since the call the action has been blanked out by a point of access – thereby leaving no access via email for contact with the company in question. For the purposes of this post they shall remain nameless but it would seem that if they are hiring as they boldly state (I think! Or maybe it is just ‘ring’) they may want to consider hiring someone to re-do their copy and advertising.


My only guess is that the copy was made for another medium and then enlarged on to the outer boards of the unit. If the doors were put in after, I suspect the copywriter is now cursing the builders. It’s a big shame because their colours, bold text and great use of tweets are excellent. It is however the perfect example of how copy for each strand of your marketing campaign should be carefully considered.


What works best in print will not necessarily translate well in digital. What works as a flyer may not be effective as a poster. Web copy is not the same as brochure copy. For each and every medium you need to consider the audience, the message and the accessibility of what you are trying to say. It’s easy to cut corners and take one piece and repeat it everywhere – after all, a lot of branding is about creating a consistent image – but careful consideration needs to be taken for each piece of copy and what it is needed to make it work in its own right.


In the same way that an audience cannot be ‘everyone’, one size does most definitely not fit all when it comes to effective copy.


If you need help considering your copy, drop me a line today - I promise to watch out for doors.

Tags: Copywriter, Job, Communication, Communicate, Audience, Copy, Advertising, Marketing

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