Creative fashion copy: product description

February 3, 2017

A slipper fit for a modern princess.


Seeing as I like to shop online from time to time (*cough*...slight understatement), I come across a fair amount of product description copy. This always catches my eye as it’s one of the first places I started out when beginning copywriting.


Too many product descriptions, particularly for women’s clothing, churn out the same old cliché, boring lines about why you should buy the item. That is, if they have any product description at all. Most stick to the basics nowadays of simply listing a line of style advice, components and materials and perhaps a line about the dos and don’ts of dry cleaning.


For the avid fashion shopper who is potentially scanning hundreds of items of clothing and shoes in a quest to look their best, this doesn’t help. Like most women when shopping online, unless I am ordering from a site I have used before or based on a recommendation, the item I am looking to purchase has to have real wow-power.


It has to excite me. Talk to me. Grab my attention. Make me want it. Make me dream. It has to make me believe that I will feel good when wearing it – so much so even, that good things might happen to me if I buy it. It has to be the kind of product that if I don’t buy it, I will regret it afterwards.


With that in mind, I created a piece of long fashion copy for a pair of women’s shoes. They may look like relatively stylish and simple women’s high heels but with a little *creative* product description, these shoes can come alive in the imagination of the potential customer. Magic shoes that could do magic things even. A dashing of fairy tale with a wistful snatch of imagination and you have copy with a voice and shoes with a story to tell.


For the full copy, please see my portfolio. And if you would like me to create similar copy for you, please do get in touch!

Tags: Copywriter, Job, Communication, Communicate, Audience, Copy, Advertising, Marketing

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